Hey what’s up, We are Trevin and Leo.


Brother Duo, Trevin and Lee Davis, better known as Trevin and Leo, first came together in 2010. Hailing from southern Louisiana, they were exposed to all styles of music through faith, family, and friends. Although their family were not musically inclined, the duo somehow understood the power of music but neither set out to pursue it as a career. They saw the impact it had on their lives but it wasn’t until years later that the brothers developed a strong love and passion for music. That new found love led to late night writing sessions and missing classes which brought the duo to a crossroad.

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It’s in the

valley that


are born.

- trevin and leo


Though they knew all odds were stacked against them, their passion to pursue music prevailed. Willing to go wherever this new calling led, the duo found themselves relocating to Nashville. Now, years later, the brothers have finally found their sound and style. They call it “Pop Swag”. A blend of Louisiana’s laid back culture and swag infused with new age Pop. This new style combines both Leo's smooth and captivating voice and Trevin's laid back yet electrifying rap style and powerful lyrics. “Pop Swag” is edgy, while at the same time being smooth and elegant. Their music is all about life and love and through it hopes to bring the world closer together and dance like never before.  

Will you dance with us,